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Most customers use alphabet photos to spell out a first or last name. Some have inspirational sayings, such as PEACE, INSPIRE, FAMILY or LOVE. The choice is yours. Be creative!











"An innovative gift to honor your family name!"Brian A.

"Your wedding gift was awesome. Hands down the most original gift. We absolutely love it!"

"It was the hit of the (wedding) shower!"

"You rock!!!  Thank you so much for getting my order out and delivered so fast, I know it's going to be the best wedding gift they recieve- nobody can beat an original!!" Jennifer A.

"WE LOVE IT!!! It's framed and hanging on our living room wall! I've already spread the word and a few of my friends have purchased these pics!!"

"I am so excited to give these as gifts! It is so refreshing to be able to give a creative gift that you know no one will duplicate!" Maureen R.

"It is such a unique gift. I get so many compliments on it!" Tim M.

"This made the perfect retirement gift! Everybody commented on it and loved it!" Lois A.

"This is THE wedding gift to give - spelling out the couple's new last name! I received one as a gift, now it is the only gift I give at weddings!" Leslie V.

"We are searching for the perfect place to display it. I want one for every room in the house!" Kristin H.

"Don't tell anyone… but this was our favorite gift! We already have it framed and hung on the wall!"

"We love it and have received compliments from everyone. We have it displayed for everyone to see when they come in the front door!" Martha J.


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